All of us know the importance of having a good mattress if you want to have a comfortable sleep, but it is also key that one invests in the right sleeping pillow. If you have an ill-fitting pillow, it will not only thief sleep from you hence preventing you from waking up refreshed, but it will also lead you to develop constant headaches, arm numbness, and even neck pains.

The ideal pillow for any given individual to a large extent depends on the type of sleeper that they are. No matter your sleeping habit, a good pillow should keep its shape even though you are constantly moving so that you do not have to fluff it that often. For the pillow to ensure that you are sleeping properly. It should ensure that your head is properly aligned hence ensuring that your head is not projected too far backward or too far forward. Sleep Holic recommends that when choosing the best pillow for neck pain, ensure that you get a pillow that should allow your head to rest properly while aligned to your shoulders similar to when you are standing up in a good posture.

Below we will discuss the different types of sleeping positions and the ideal pillows that one can use to achieve a comfortable sleep.

Back sleepers

rtyhgefreIf you are the type that sleeps using their backs, you will greatly benefit from using a pillow that is thin. This will ensure that your neck does not go far forward. The pillow should have an extra loft at its bottom so that it can help cradle your neck comfortably. Loft here refers to the lifting ability of the pillow. So when we say that it should have an extra loft at the bottom, what we simply mean is that it will be a little bit thicker in this region. In such instances, memory foams are recommended because they take shape as per the head and neck of the user.

Stomach sleeper

For those individuals who sleep on their stomachs, it is recommended that they use the thinnest type of sleeping pillow. Or they can sleep without a pillow. When you sleep on your stomach, you put a lot of pressure on your lower back. So it is advisable that one tries to sleep using their side body, instead of using a pillow.

Side sleeper

For the side sleepers, it is recommended that you sleep on a firm pillow and one which has a gusset that is extra wide since this plays an important role in bridging the gap between your shoulders and ears. It is also advisable if you sleep with a pillow between your knees as this will ensure that your spine is aligned properly.

It is important that you know your sleeping pattern, as this will help you choose the best pillow to use.